Summer Avenue Taco Adventures

I've decided to document my visits to the restaurants, food trucks, and gas stations that sell tacos on Summer Avenue. Sometimes there will be pictures, recommendations, and an obscure/unhelpful rating.

First up is Elena's Taco Shop #1 (the other location isn't on Summer). I didn't take a picture because I came up with this idea after I finished my tacos, whoops.

Elena's has closed their dining room for now, so this is currently a takeout-only situation. I got the #3, which was three tacos on corn tortillas with pico and guacamole, with the choice of steak or chicken, and an Elena Taco which turned out to be the same taco but on a flour tortilla.

This feels like a relevant spot to mention that I'll be consistently ordering the wrong things or making weird choices at probably every venue, and I don't intend on maintaining any consistency in what I'm ordering for comparison sake.

I got a bottled Coke with the combo, and my total was $17. I got decently full but not overstuffed, and though the portions were small I think the price felt right. I think next time I'll try out the burritos, as those seemed a little more ambitious and, because I was listening to other customers order after me, a little more popular with the regulars.

I'll give Elena's two thumbs up emojis.

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