Devils on Horseback, Chicken Milanese, and Carrots

If you're hosting a dinner, snag one of these if you need to fill space. But maybe don't cook all three at once.

I made these three things for a supper club we hosted back in August 2019. Each recipe was good, but they didn't really work together very well.

I lack some kind of intuition–or maybe it's a learned skill–around how to pair foods one after another. I'm always so impressed by the way menus are built at good restaurants: they build the menu in such a way that it's difficult to order things that don't work together. Although in my experience, the server is really the guide you should look to for advice on not getting too weird. My wife and I have been on a few date nights where the server obviously knew the way the chefs intended meals to be structured, so in those cases we just let the server order for us.

I will say I'm becoming decent at pairing wines with food though. That's a different post for another day.

Here are the recipes:

  1. Devils on Horseback - a classic appetizer, inspired by Antoni from Queer Eye.
  2. Chicken Milanese with Maggi Ranch Sauce - skipped the ranch prep and got Sir Kensington's, which is more than OK.
  3. Roasted Carrots + Pesto - or, don't be silly with using carrot tops for your pesto and use something normal like basil. It'll be fine. And pine nuts, always.